Cultural Interviews Multiculturalism Paper

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Please read the first part; don’t just jump right to the questions!

We went over how to score your MICKI in class, so you now know what your score on that survey means. Remember:

  • 0-12 indicates you are someone who already has a relatively high level of competency (or capability) when it comes to dealing with people who are from different cultures
  • 13-24 indicates a moderate or intermediate level of competency or skill for interacting with people who are culturally different from you
  • 25-36 suggests that you have a lower innate (built-in) skill for dealing with those who come from different cultures than yours

When you are considering and answering the questions, please remember this is in regard to multiculturalism and the score you obtained on the MICKI and what it says about your interviewing.

  1. Imagine you are someone who has been doing interviews with people from different cultures for a while now. Now that you know your score on the MICKI, and based on your score on the MICKI, how well do you think your interviews in the past with people who were culturally different from you really went?
  2. Going forward and knowing your score, what kinds of things do you think you will you need to consider before you conduct interviews of people who are from different cultures? Is there anything you may need to do to get ready for these interviews?

There is no set length for this assignment. A couple of paragraphs will suffice, most likely (as long as you do a good job with your writing). Please type it up per the directions in the syllabus and use the submit function to submit your essay as a Word doc or PDF file. Please write at a college level and don’t forget to check your writing before submitting it.

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