Cultural Self-Assessment

Cultural Self-Assessment Assignment (200 points)

For this assignment you will perform a cultural assessment of yourself.  Your cultural self-assessment should include:

· Worldview

· Brief, Simple

· How do you see your place in the world?

· Ethnohistory

· What makes you a “culturally unique individual?”

· Family and Social History

· Follow ancestry back as far as you can, but be brief, this is not a family tree

· Giger and Davidhizar’s 6 Cultural Phenomena:

· Communication

· Space

· Social Organization

· Time

· Environmental Control

· Biological Variations.

· Professional and Generic Care Beliefs and Practices

· What does it mean to be in good health?

· Do you use home remedies, folk medicine?

· Any foods that are taboo?

· Generic and Specific Nursing Care Factors

· How would you like to be treated by nurses?

· What does it mean to you to be “in good health”?

· What would be stressful to you about hospitalization, how could this be improved?

· What is good nursing care?


Cultural assessment should be typed, double-spaced and 12 font.  This assignment is in narrative form.  Please organize each section using the headings provided above.  Total length should be a minimum of 3 pages, not including the title page or reference page.


Grading Rubric

Body organization-0-100 points

Body fluency-0-50 points

Body mechanics-0-30 points

Appearance-0-20 points

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