Darwinian Snails Lab Report

I’m studying and need help with a Biology question to help me learn.


NO PLAGIARISM!! Must be typed and sent in a word document. The attachment is below.

You will need to download Simutext in order to do this lab. I will give you the email and password after you download the simutext!

the link to download it:

  1. https://www.simutext.com/student/register.html#/key/UfAH-gXZv-qkRX-j6KD-R4qy
  2. SimUText Student Portal (https://www.simutext.com/student/)

The next two labs (#5 and #6) are slightly different than prior labs so I wanted to explain them here. Both labs use the SAME SimUText simulation named Darwinian Snails. It’s been broken into two parts. The first part focuses on Darwinian evolution (in other words, natural selection). The second part focuses on non-Darwinian evolution (genetic drift and neutral mutations, plus a section on experimental design).

Each lab has it’s own workbook (and Dropbox to upload it to) and its own quiz! (You should ignore the workbook on the SimUText lab, and you can ignore the “graded questions” for the SimUText lab.

You need to do exactly what the attachments say below and fill out everything it says to do.

Ive had trouble already so i need someone to actually do it and not waste my time.

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