description of a historical event/person

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Your task for this assignment is to research a Wikipedia page for a topic of your choosing (*see below for guidelines) and to describe how the record of that page has changed over time. You should aim to find larger trends, explain big changes (or series of changes), and try to offer explanation for those changes. Your essay should not be a description of a historical event/person, etc. as told by Wikipedia, nor should it simply be a list of individual revisions. It should instead seek to explain the “big picture” of how this particular page has changed over time. Imagine yourself knowing nothing about the topic and reading the Wikipedia page for the first time. And then imagine yourself reading the same Wikipedia page prior to significant edits. How might your (the reader’s) understanding of that topic be different based on which version of the page you read? Some questions to consider include: What kind of material has been added/discarded? Are there common themes regarding these changes? Are new interpretations (rather than simply fact) being offered in material that is being added/removed? For factual edits, why might someone be including/removing that material? Could it advance (or counter) an historical interpretation that is not being explicitly advanced? Do you see trends over time, where groups of chronological-similar edits differ markedly from a set of edits at a different period? – This might particularly be the case for a topic that has great significance/relevance today. Your essay should be 800-1100 words (roughly 3 pages double-spaced). You will submit your essay via a dropbox on Canvas by the due date as outlined on the syllabus and Canvas schedule. It should be written in complete sentences, organized in paragraphs, with a clear introduction that clearly defines your thesis/argument.

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