Descriptive Epidemiology of COVID-19 in the United States

 Descriptive Epidemiology of COVID-19 in the United States

The research project requires that you select a disease, syndrome, etc. of interest, which affects a diverse population, and write a descriptive epidemiological analysis of that topic. Descriptive epidemiology is usually the first stage in studying the epidemiology of a disease or syndrome or other conditions.

Your descriptive analysis will cover:

  • Person: Who is affected? (Examples include age, gender, address.)
  • Place: Where did the cases occur? (The geographic locations may show clusters or patterns.)
  • Time: When did the outbreak occur (date, season, day of week, etc.)?

You may obtain data from multiple sources, such as the National Center for Health Statistics, national, state or local health departments, World Health Organization (WHO), texts, and the Internet. Make sure you cite your sources correctly.

For examples of descriptive epidemiological analysis, please refer to:

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