Design a microbe writing

Design a microbe writing assignment.


This is a creative writing assignment using what you have learned about microbiology and pathogenesis. In this assignment you will create microbe. While this is an imaginary pathogen it must be based on science. You will be given creative leeway, but will be graded on your use of cell structures, metabolism and mechanisms of pathogenesis that actually exist. As such, this assignment will be cited with appropriate source. Your organism may be a pathogen, normal flora or environmental organism. You need to address the cell biology, metabolism and other special mechanisms that allow your bug to do whatever it is that it does.

You will submit a 1-2 page double spaced paper, plus references, describing this organism, and present it to your peers in class on 6/30. In this paper and presentation, you will lay out the organism’s cellular morphology, metabolic activities, growth niche and any virulence or special attributes that it contains. You may discuss how these factors all contribute to its perpetuation.

I have included a sample rubric that I will use to grade these in the folder for this assignment.


This will be worth 100 pts of your grade. The presentation portion will make up 25% of the total grade

Due dates:

The paper will be submitted via blackboard by 9am 6/30, presentations will be during that class period. .

General Tips for Design a microbe assignment

1. Name your microbe – it makes it easier to read and refer to that microbe

2. Make sure all organism names are utilized appropriately with Capital for genus and italicized. Once you have introduced it you can abbreviate G. species

3. Sources… Kahn academy, other study sites and Wikipedia are not good sources. That info is all available in your text book or in other readily accessible sources.

4. Make sure you are telling me a story. This is a science fiction piece, (yes, it is based in some reality of microbiology), but be sure you are telling me a story. Who is the microbe, where do they live, what do the do – friend or foe, what do they do that is cool. These things should unfold like a story, not as a list of items. Also anything you tell me about the organism be sure to put into context…why does it matter that they are a facultative anaerobe?

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