Detailed Microbiology NAAT PCR DFA & RREID Lab Report & Presentation

Need help with my Biology question – I’m studying for my class.


Textbook: Bauman, R.W. (2018). Microbiology with diseases by body system (5th ed.) San Francisco: Pearson Benjamin Cummings. Loose-leaf text ISBN: 9780134618449.

If you don’t have the same textbook, that is fine. Do your normal in-text citations ( if there’s going to be any)and I will just replace them.

Instructions, rubric, and a sample paper for the assignment are attached. Please read them before you begin the paper. The paper must be at least 2000 words excluding the the reference list, section headings, disease table, and flowchart.

Below are the diseases that will be included on the report and presentation.

Disease Name Complete Binomial Name of the Major Causal Organism (do not use abbreviations) Type of Causal Organism

(ie. fungus, bacteria, ssRNA virus, etc.)

1 Tetanus
2 Pork Tapeworm Infestation
3 Chlamydial Infection
4 Diphtheria
5 Ehrlichiosis
6 Leishmaniasis
7 Rabies
8 Traveler’s Diarrhea
9 Hansen’s Disease
10 Blastomycosis


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