Developing Identity as a Muslim Immigrant Woman in America

1. I would like you to FIRST, read the Huffington Article entitled “Developing Identity as a Muslim Immigrant Woman in America.” Which you find in this week’s assignment folder and formulate a focused and precise question that captures the issue/s raised. And the article and answer your question with a thesis statement (this is a good preparation for the final exam). SECOND. Briefly EXPLAIN your question and support your thesis statement by drawing on the Hall and Vertovec readings on the formation of identity.

The objective of this week’s assignment is to foster your understanding of how difference based on the formation of identities are constructed on the level of politics but also in people’s everyday life. Moreover, it encourages you to think about how immigrants make use of the. “Transnational flow of images, practices, discourses and perspectives [which] can have profound effect on people’s identities vis-a -vis both local and global settings” (Vertovec p. 580) (read this link too)

2. The Rodney King case started with what we now recognize as the first “viral” video.


Here is a link to a detailed Washington Post story:

Independent Commission


Gates at City Council

write a 400 word synopsis on the Rodney King case, the beating, arrest of police officers. Simi Valley verdict, the unprecedented riots. The conviction of two cops in the federal trial and the settlement with King. Stress the role of the media in the case as a catalyst for prosecution and what impact the media might have had on the riots.

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