Developing Realistic and Successful Projects Paper

Note : Need original paper only

Write a two page (double spaced) paper outlining business processes that can make software development realistic and successful. All material for this assignment can be found in the required reading in the textbooks (Bennatan Ch 3 & Ahmed Ch 3).

Title your Word doc this way:
ENTD411 B001 Win 12
Week 3 Assignment
Last Name, First Name

  • Assignments are due by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday.
  • Be sure to sue APA style references to support your answers.
  • See the Evaluation Procedures section for additional information on assignments.
    Rubric Points Available Points Earned Comments
    Address the following:

    • Business processes that can make software development realistic and successful

    Content & Development (Relate back to the textbook and concepts using APA in-text citations)

    Organization (Introduction/Summary) 10
    Format – Readability & Style (Your paper should not exceed 2 pages. Turnitin is used in this class to assess the originality of your work–you must have less than 15% Similarity/matching. Paraphrase instead of using direct quotes to reduce your matching percent to 15% or less.) 15
    Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling 15
    Total 100

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