differences between the Q400 and A320 aircraft

differences between the Q400 and A320 aircraft


  1. Due Date

Friday, October 22, 202111:59 PM

Points Possible


  1. In this activity, you will compare and contrast the differences between the Q400 and A320 aircraft, providing a short description for at least two features. For example, describing the Fixed Oxygen System.

A320 Activity:

This activity covers the Q400 & A320 aircraft. Students will be required to compare and contrast the
differences between the Q400 and A320. Using the FAM, PowerPoint lessons, and notes put together a
table that lists ten (10) differences between the two aircraft. From those ten differences, pick two (2) to
elaborate on, providing a more detailed description. Submission must be made on Blackboard under the
“Assessments, Modes of Evaluation” tab. This assignment is worth 20% of final grade.

A320 Activity F21.docx

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