Diffusion and Osmosis Methods Lab Report

Explain the concepts of osmosis and concentration gradients to a new reader. Be sure to define all terms that are critical to the reader’s understanding of diffusion rate when osmosis happens along differing concentration gradients. Discuss brownian motion and explain how it relates to diffusion and osmosis. Talk about selectively permeable membranes and use an explanation of aquaporins to show your understanding.

If you want, insert a figure here. Good figures to include would be a labeled drawing of an aquaporin protein, or of brownian motion. If you choose to include a figure, be sure to give it a title, captions, and/or labels wherever appropriate. Be sure to reference your figure in the text of your explanation as well.If you did the PreLab, you have already drawn this figure, so you just need to insert an image of it into your lab report.

Next, simply introduce the experiment and explain, in general terms, how it was used to demonstrate the processes you described in the previous paragraph.


You do not need to list all of the materials that were used for the experiment. In this section you just have to outlive the steps for each part of the experimental procedure so that the reader can understand the process and even repeat it themselves. You can use bullet points or even generate a flow chart on the computer or by hand. Whatever way you choose to convey the methods of this experiment has to be clear enough to show that you understand the methods.


In this part of your lab report you include only an account of exactly what happened. This is the part where you can include any graphics or tables of data. Be sure to include a brief description of whatever your graphics show in a caption or in the text of your document. All graphics need to have a title. This is the part where you would include a table of the weight measurements for each bag at different times, or perhaps the plot you generated in lab.


Explain to the reader how your results show the connection between the rate of diffusion and the concentration gradient. Provide an explanation for the results each experimental group. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the topic as though you were explaining it to someone who has not done this experiment before.


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