Discrimination in The Age of Algorithms Discussion

The topic and content expectations for each paper are included with each paper assignment. However, here are some general requirements for all papers:

  1. All papers should be at most 300 words. If your paper is longer we will not read anything beyond the 300 word limit. On the other hand, your paper should not be substantially shorter than 300 words.
  2. You must check spelling and grammar in the paper. You will always lose marks for such errors. Remember, you are learning to write papers in a professional manner.
  3. All paper assignments must:
  • cite sources
  • in general quoted passages taken from sources are not acceptable (even if cited); using extensive cited quotations will generally result in a lower mark


Summarize the key points of Section I-III of the paper cited below. Write the summary as an essay rather than a list of main point/ideas. This is meant to be an exercise in expressing the ideas from something you’ve read in your own words – a key ability you need to avoid plagiarism. The other requirement to avoid plagiarism is to cite the source, of course.

Having a clear structure in your writing will always make it more understandable for the reader. For this assignment, I suggest beginning with a sentence describing what the paper does (a thesis). Following that, I suggest having three paragraphs each of which begins with a claim like ‘The purpose of section 1 (or 2 or 3) is…’. After that opening explanatory sentence (of each paragraph), summarize the key points of the section.

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