DNA Coding Strand Question

I need an explanation for this Biology question to help me study.


This week’s homework is just one problem but it has three separate steps. This homework serves to help you grasp transcription and translation.

Below is a random DNA template strand.


1) Using the above template strand, create the DNA coding strand and label the correct “prime” (5′ or 3′) ends of the DNA coding strand.

2) After creating the coding strand, create a single-stranded mRNA molecule (you need to decide if you use the template strand or coding strand to create mRNA – refer to the lecture called “Transcription” if you’re stuck). Label the correct “prime” (5′ or 3′) ends of the single-stranded mRNA molecule you made.

3) Using google, find an mRNA codon chart (they’re all the same) and translate the mRNA molecule you made into a series of amino acids.

You can upload your homework as a picture or .doc/.pdf like past homework. Clearly label each step with its number in the problem above (number the coding strand you make as number 1, the mRNA strand you make as number 2, etc.).

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