Earth Science Response

Earth Science Response

– I will need 2 Response posts (only) to the 2 attached posts below. My original one will also be attached.

– 100-150 Words Each

– Supportive References


Study from this week:

In this dialogue forum, please address current understanding of plate tectonics. Choose one of these various perspectives to discuss:

1) standard mainstream thinking — moving plates, with subduction zones and hot spots;

2) alternative (upstart) views by mainstream geologists — “elevator tectonics,” and “surge tectonics”;

3) young-Earth views of timing and effects — fast (so-called “catastrophic”) plate tectonics with rapid horizontal motion and (vertical) sinking of plates;

4) views in which plate tectonics ushers in a “new age.”

– Earth Science, 15th edition, by Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens, Dennis Tasa. Pearson/PrenticeHall, 2018.

Ch – 7,11-12

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