Eastlake What Do Enzymes Have to Do with Activation Energy Questions

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1. What do enzymes have to do with activation energy?

2. Define and provide a biological example for exergonic reactions and endergonic reactions.

3. Describe Figure 6.11.

4. What are redox reactions? What do redox reactions have to do with cellular respiration?

5. Which statement best summarizes steps 1-4 of glycolysis?

a. The already energized reactant donates a phosphate group to an ADP molecule.
b. Two ATP molecules are used to energize glucose, which is then split into two separate molecules.
c. Two separate molecules are fused in a dehydration reaction to form a disaccharide.
d. ATP is formed, as the bonds of the fuel molecule are broken.

8. Which statement best summarizes steps 5-9 of glycolysis?

a. A series of redox reactions consume energy to produce an additional glucose molecule.
b. Energy is consumed as a more complex molecule is synthesized.
c. A redox reaction followed by a series of transformational and energy generating reactions result in the formation of two pyruvate molecules.
d. Two pyruvate molecules are fused in a dehydration reaction to form one glucose molecule.

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