Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

This is a link to a fun “quiz” to make a rough calculation of your personal ecological footprint based on your own lifestyle. It will calculate how many earths it would take to support 7 billion people all trying to live like you do. After you take the quiz “for real”, you can play around with your inputs to see how it affects your results. Answer the following questions in discussion board.

1) What aspects of your lifestyle were taken into consideration?

2) How precise was your data input, given the options? How might that impact your results?

3) What was the biggest surprise about your ecological footprint?

4) Run the quiz two more times after you do it “for real” the first time. The second time, try to pretend that you’re perfect (if you can figure out what “perfect” is in this model). Did you get it down to one or less Earth? For the the third time, make a few adjustments to your original answers that seem “doable.” How did this change your results?

write the answers in a simple language

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