Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem Services

When I graded last weekend this video popped into my head as a good one for this class. You all did a great job!

If you read Peer Review and Teaching Philosophy you’ll know that I like to use the information I gain in my observations of your work to inform the class lessons. This is why we’re doing our virtual field trip this week (I want you to have fun with this assignment because that is the intention. It’s supposed to take the place of us going outside to play. Let’s dream of where we will go once we can!)

I noticed in GIS fun! -Public Lands that I had not given you a formal explanation as to the importance of the preservation and/or conservation of our natural areas 🤦‍♀️ My bad. What is awesome is that collectively you all hit on the topics that have been scientifically determined to date. This is why I have faith in the future. You all are so knowledgeable and capable.

Check out this video on Ecosystem Services. (Links to an external site.)

It lists 3 types of ecosystem services. For this submission identify each of the 3 types and write one complete sentence for each describing it.

(don’t overthink it)

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