Effect of Temperature and PH on Enzyme Lab Report

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Guidance for Enzyme Lab Report

This lab report will focus on your evaluation of how temperature and pH affect the rate of enzyme activity.

Introduction / Purpose (5 points)

  • Why did we do this lab?
  • Are there any important concepts or explanations that are relevant to the reader’s understanding of the purpose and background of the lab?
  • What is invertase? What chemical reaction does it catalyze? This can be a diagram.
  • What were your hypotheses for each of the experimental procedures we conducted?
  • What is Benedict’s test? How and why does it work? Why did we use it? What are reducing sugars?

Materials & Methods (5 points)

  • Follow the directions provided above regarding the level of detail to include here.
  • Convey the experimental design using a labeled diagram or image, if desired.

Results & Data (5 points)

  • Include any tables from the lab containing the data you collected
  • Include a written statement of the results of every single experiment you conducted.

Discussion & Conclusion (10 points)

  • Scientifically interpret your results for every experiment you conducted.
  • This means every temperature, and every pH.
  • Can you relate your results to Brownian motion or diffusion?
  • Can you relate your results to the effect of pH on secondary structure?
  • What does it actually mean when an enzyme is denatured by heat?
  • Say you obtained a negative result from Benedict’s test when you carried out the chemical reaction at the highest pH.
    • Why did you observe these results? You must provide an explanation that is based on your knowledge of enzymes, how they function, etc.
  • You may not completely understand why the invertase didn’t function in those conditions…it is your job to learn this.
  • You may have to reference your textbook or another reference to gain sufficient understanding of your experimental outcomes! 🙂


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