Effects of COVID 19 on Social Events

Paper Outline: The paper outline is a hypothetical research paper. No data will be collected, and no data will be analyzed. However, you will have to think of an original topic to discuss. It is not to be merely measuring the association between two variables, but, rather, you need to identify some situation or condition. Then you need to hypothesis about the process that could have caused such a condition. After this is done, you need to design an experiment that could distinguish your process from other potential processes that could also explain the condition. You will NOT then do this experiment. This is a freshman class and the techniques to do this will be taught to you in other classes. Rather, you need to discuss what you would conclude based on the different potential results you could get from this experiment. A literature review is required, and the writing has to meet certain standards as well. This will be discussed more in lecture and in labs. It is worth 100 points. The 100 points will be made up from two 10-point paper exercises (Homework) and a final 80-point paper.

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