Elderly Health Care

Research and prepare a 4-5 page paper identifying three physiological changes of aging along with three psychological OR psychosocial changes of aging utilizing the Elder Care Interprofessional Provider Resource Sheets from this lesson.

Identify various care strategies or plans for long-term care leadership recognizing these identified physiological and psychosocial aspects of aging. In developing your care strategies, consider environment/facility considerations, nutrition, activity, sleep, safety, etc. that would be needed with the changes that occur with aging or disabilities.

Outline for your paper:

  • Introduction to the topic of changes of aging
  • Identification and description of the three physiological and psychological OR psychosocial changes of aging you selected with appropriate citations.
  • Care strategies or plans for long-term care industry development based upon your knowledge of the selected changes in aging and health with appropriate citations.
  • Summary paragraph



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