Emission of Greenhouse Gases and The Overall Global Warming Essay

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1.Environmental advocates argue that simple acts like heating or cooling a home, fueling a car, heating a fast food burger, or turning on a light switch typically cause harm.Bill McKibben argues in Eaarth that the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and international relief organizations project that the harm of global warming will be worst for future generations, impoverished citizens of developing nations, poor and disenfranchised citizens of industrialized nations, other species, and non-human nature more generally.That is, the greatest harm caused by local greenhouse gas emissions is long-term, widely distributed, unintentional, and not directed toward individuals.In Eaarth, McKibben imagines impoverished citizens in the tropics running on a treadmill that steepens as climate change intensifies.Meanwhile, citizens of rich nations are unintentionally pushing the treadmill’s “fast” button through investment in the massive economic infrastructure of fossil fuel.In light of these reflections and McKibben’s argument in “A Special Moment,” write an essay in which you explore the following:Are we ethically responsible for harms caused by greenhouse gases, even though we do not intend those harms?Include in your essay some comparison between the way McKibben and Julian Simon might respond to that question.Address all features of this prompt.

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