End Of Life Reflection (Ethics In Nursing)

Ethics in Nursing

End of Life—Reflection


Assignment: Write an essay of a minimum of 500 words that include the responses to the following questions. The rubric below instructs how this assignment will be graded. You are to use at one professional journal reference to substantiate your thoughts on end of life care or any of the ethical principles that were in operation (or not) during the end of life simulation experience.


1. How will you use this end-of-life experience to inform your nursing practice? What specific changes will you make?



2. What communication skills did you learn and how can you use them in applying these in your profession?


3. Did you see a satisfactory resolution to the ethical dilemmas presented? What would you have done differently if you had participated in this experience?


4. Has this end-of-life simulation experience changed or deepened your opinion/beliefs about death and dying? Please elaborate.













End of Life Journal Rubric

EOL Journal Assignment Points Available Points Earned
Essay of minimum of 500-word response including: 4 4


Ethical Principles/Standards Noted in Simulation 2 2
Professional journal (not more than 5 yrs old)—used to substantiate ethical principles or other aspects of end of life care 2 2


APA format/proper citation/grammar 2 2
Ticket to Enter

(Late submissions will result in 2 lost participation points per day)

0 0
Please read comments in the document 10 points 10 points






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