Environment Clean Air Act


Environment Clean Air Act

With Industrialization came a number of environmental laws that were enacted in the US in the 1970s and 1980s. Open space was under attack and chemicals designed to make our lives more convenient were causing a number of environmental and human health issues. Look at the next two slides and complete the assignment by the posted deadline.

ASSIGNMENT: Choose any TWO Environmental laws below and answer the questions below FOR EACH OF THE LAWS YOU CHOSE. There are no posted resources with the exception of the videos I LISTED. DO YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT RESEARCH.

Environmental Laws:

•Food Quality Protection Act

•Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968

•Nuclear Waste Policy Act

•Safe Water Drinking Act

•Energy Conservation act of 1987

•Clean Air Act•Superfund Act

•BEACH Act of 2000- Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Act

•AB 32- California Global Climate Solutions Act of 2006


1) Description of the Bill or Law?

2) Which President/ Governor signed it into law and what political party do/did they belong to?

3) What incident or situation caused it to be proposed as a law?

4) What impact is the law having?

5) Do you feel it has been successful? Why or why not?

6) What letter grade would you give the law and why? ( be specific)

7) Is this Law or Bill (or similar laws) enacted in other Countries, If so, where? What is it called? Don’t take the easy way out. Google something like “safe drinking water laws in other countries”.


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