Environmental Management of Albertas Oil Sand

Environmental Management of Albertas Oil Sand

Read the instruction carefully.

You have to pick an environmental issue that a community, city or province is presently facing in Canada. The issue may be of national significance but it should be discussed from a provincial, city or local community perspective. This is to ensure that you do not pick up a topic that is too broad in scope (I am looking for brevity and depth rather than a high-level overview).

Given that environmental issues are often related to multiple other dimensions, e.g., social, economic, political (governance), and ethical, you have to set the context by highlighting all those aspects (as applicable). In addition, while making recommendations on how to tackle the issue, please limit the number of recommendations to your top two recommendations (you may make only one recommendation if you like) but do provide rationale for your recommendations.


  1. The issue (including potential impacts): what is at stake? Why should we care?
  2. Underlying causes: What is/are causing this issue? Provide brief historical overview ifrelevant.
  3. Actions (past/present/future): What has been done to address the issue so far? What can we do now? What are some of the short- and long-term priorities? This about all relevant stakeholders including government, businesses, NGOs, community groups, individuals…
  4. Challenges: What are the key challenges to addressing this issue (why is it difficult to solve)?
  5. Recommendations: What are your top recommendations (provide justifications)?


The essay will have a length of no more than 1600 words excluding references. Use 12-point Times Roman font throughout with a line spacing of 1.15. Use a consistent style for layout and citations. Submit the document in MS Word format (do not send a document in PDF or any other format).

Provide “in-text” citations; this means mentioning the source whenever you use facts and figures from a published source next to where you quote the information in the document. Also list all quoted sources at the end of the document in the “Reference” section. Do not mention any source not used in your paper (I want you to add a reference, not a bibliography). Use any of the common citation styles consistently (e.g., Chicago, APA, MLA etc.).


Please do not copy and paste sections from existing articles or reports. I expect you to do a thorough research, think about the issue critically, and then write up the report in your own words.

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