Epidemiology & Health Promotion Social Determinants of Health

Epidemiology & Health Promotion Social Determinants of Health

Using the attached file, answer the following Case Questions:

1.What aspects of AJ’s childhood may have influenced his current health status? Elaborate on each aspect and explain why it influences his current health status. Utilize the Healthy People 2030 domains of social determinants to explain your answer.

2.Compare and contrast the childhood AJ had and the one his daughter now has. What does she have (that AJ didn’t) that might impact her health in the future? When answering identify any disparities between AJ and his daughter.

3.How do AJ’s current responsibilities impact his health? What advice would you give him as his healthcare provider(pharmacist)?

4.Consider the neighborhood AJ grew up in and all those who lived in this neighborhood. How do you think this neighborhood’s poor resources and state may have impacted all of its residents?5.What can pharmacists do to help patients and communities with low-resources?

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