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Why is it important to conduct or perform a quality literature review?

It is important to conduct a literature review because a literature review supplies the premise of proficiency on topics (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). It halts replication of data and recognizes researchers that have provided the content (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). A literature review also recognizes missing information or scarce data in research, and it identifies conflicts in prior studies along with unanswered questions from other research (Schmidt & Brown, 2018).

Characterize or distinguish between the 4 major types of reviews discussed in our textbook?

1.Narrative reviews are one of the most commonly used reviews, they tend to be particularly subjective, they are often found in scholarly and approved sources, and they usually are not concerned with broad research techniques, configurations, or settings (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). 2. Integrative reviews are scholarly writings that incorporate published research and articles that respond to questions of engrossment (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). They are peer-reviewed, thus being objective, they can incorporate theoretical and empirical literature, and can synthesize information from various types of research (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). 3. Meta-analysis is a type of systematic review, it extracts findings from various studies on corresponding topics and examines them in a statistical approach, this statistical approach is used when information is indistinguishable, and a comparison is needed (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). This analysis also contains published and unpublished work, and it is a useful origin of evidence when substantial mixed trials are not attainable (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). 4. Systematic Reviews are considered to be the “highest level and most objective” type of review (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). This review requires a precise and accurate process for investigating the evidence (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). A systematic review is a comprehensive examination of research that has already been performed, it merges components of all the 3 mentioned types of reviews, narrative, integrative, and meta-analysis (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). It encompasses studies that focus on identical clinical problems and uses techniques to reduce bias in order to construct reliable evidence that can generate informative decision-making (Schmidt & Brown, 2018).

What are the essential components of a quality literature review?

When conducting a literature review the researcher must look for specifications in the article’s publication, a synopsis of the main points, provided information of gaps in research, and an assessment of the publication’s input to the topic (Schmidt & Brown, 2018). The information should be obtained via a primary source, meaning the original information was provided by the person who created the information, or via a secondary source, which examines content provided by a primary source that can allow an opportunity for new perceptions on a topic (Schmidt & Brown, 2018).

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