Essentials of Health Care Marketing Research Paper

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Book Needed to answer the Questions:

TEXT:Berkowitz, Eric N., Essentials of Health Care Marketing, 4th Ed., Jones and Bartlett, 2017

Suggested length for answers is one page each for Questions 1 and 3, and two pages each for Question 2 and 4.

  1. 20 points. What is the relationship between a Mission Statement, Strategy and Tactics? Gives at least one example of each. (One page)
  1. 20 points. Define market segmentation. Suggest possible ways to segment each of the markets listed below.You may use a flow chart or diagram followed by a written explanation. (Two pages)
    1. Orthopedic Surgery Group Practice
    2. Over-the-Counter Bandages (Band-Aids, etc.)
    3. Tylenol brand pain reliever
  1. 20 points. Define the terms “Primary and Secondary Marketing Research” and give an example of each. (One Page)
  1. 40 points. Define the terms Market Size and Market Share. Discuss methods for calculating market share. Explain how the following diagram is used to evaluate a product portfolio. (Two Pages)


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