Essentials of Industrial Hygiene Acme Automotive Parts

Essentials of Industrial Hygiene Acme Automotive Parts

This week we will look at controls from the bottom half of the Hierarchy of Controls. These controls are not as effective as elimination, substitution and engineering controls, but may be required when the more effective controls can’t reduce risk to an acceptable level or prove to be unfeasible to implement. Unfortunately, some employers will automatically use personal protection equipment (respirators, ear plugs) as the only controls without considering any other control method.

This week readings from Chapters 1 and 9 and a web page to review. attached below is the web page and the study guide. see if you can determine why simply putting workers in a respirator or ear plugs is not the most effective control method.

The assignment this week is a part of the IH profession that is sometimes overlooked, the paperwork. I realize paperwork is usually the part of a job that people like the least, but it is very important to educate the individuals at a facility who make the decisions. You are asked to take all the data and information we have accumulated during this class and create a report for the plant manager. The syllabus contains a summary of the sections you should include so the process should be fairly simple. The one new section is the last section where you will be asked to recommend when IH sampling should be performed in the future. see attached documents.

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