Evolution Of Nursing Theories

1. Students must post a minimum of  twice (an  initial  posting. And  at least one additional  posting) per Discussion Board. The initial response and additional posting(s), including response to student. Must reflect  students own work-no plagiarism.

2. Students  initial (first) post  ( students original post-not copied or based on another student’s post ) must address all Discussion Board items by  Thursday  at 11:59 pm  Eastern Time  for each module  except  for  Module one  and  Module seven. Exceptions: Module one initial post  may be posted  with response to classmate  by  Sunday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time .  Module seven initial post is due Wednesday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time .

The initial post is one post that includes responses to every weekly discussion board question listed. Questions to peers to deepen the discussion may be included in the initial post. 3. Respond to at least one other classmate’s post by 11:59 pm Eastern time Sunday. The last (final) posting should be completed by 11:59 pm Eastern Time Sunday,  except  for Module seven when last post is due at 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday. The response to classmate post may be the final post.

professional sources

4. Students are expected to include,  at minimum , two to five  current (within the last three to five years)  professional sources beyond the assigned readings to extend learning.

5. Students must provide citations and references for the initial posting and the final posting.  Please use APA for references and citationsStudents must  apply assigned readings plus other professional readings . Students must also have  citations in the text  of their responses as well as  references at the end of their responses . Citations and references are  required for all postings (initial, final/response to peer, and any additional posts) . References for other professional readings need to be  current, within the last three to five years.

6.  Grading: Discussion Board Grading Rubric reflects 50 points possible per module discussion board. Student assignment will be graded according to Discussion Board Grading Rubric (displayed below), discussion board guidelines/instructions, and MSN 600 syllabus.

MSN 600 Discussion Board Grading Rubric:  MSN 600 Weekly Discussions Grading Rubric-May 2021.docx



American Psychological Association (APA) is required for writing, citing, and referencing. Please post a response specific to each of the questions listed. Students must address each component of each question. Please respond by addressing each question/item individually. For example:

1. State the provided question or statement to be addressed.

Write your response to the stated question or statement using APA format.

2. State the provided question or statement to be addressed.

Write your response to the stated question or statement using APA format.

Please write responses to each of the two questions listed below for Module 1 Discussion Board:

1. Theories seem to be such esoteric notions for a profession of nursing that seemed to function well for decades, without highlighting theories. Can nursing practice history guide nursing practice future with theories? Why/not?

2. Define both rationalism and empiricism. Differentiate between these two scientific approaches.

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