Excelsior Vector Disease Prevention Useful Technology Strategies

Excelsior Vector Disease Prevention Useful Technology Strategies

For this project, you will write a persuasive issue paper to present to your supervisor. The focus will be on technological strategies that can assist in addressing

Case scenario provided: Vector-borne diseases prevention (mosquitos and tick) in a poor community, address disparities among the Latino community groups due to lack of Spanish speaking physicians and public health educators.

Make your issue paper of sufficient quality that he or she could present this to an organizational executive team. Please address the following:

  • Introduce the issue or problem you are addressing. Do so in a way that will capture the readers’ interest and empathy. (Remember, this issue is based on the case scenario and the problem you have been charged with addressing.)
  • Provide a brief statement of background that includes the following:
    • What groups (stakeholders) are most impacted by the problem.
    • Your recommendation for one technological strategy that will assist in addressing your target problem.
  • Provide the evidence.
    • A careful evidence-based justification on why and how your proposed strategy will make a difference. (Be sure to include at least two compelling evidence-based reasons why this strategy should lead to improvement.)
  • Refute opposing arguments.
    • State at least one conflicting position (e.g. a reason some stakeholder might believe your recommendation would not work).
    • Refute this position using evidence from the case scenario, the portfolio, and other literature as needed.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges to using this technological strategy to advance your proposed solution.
  • Support your recommendation and rationale with 2-3 credible sources, as well as your case scenario.

Your issue paper must be 4-5 double-spaced pages, apply credible sources to support your recommendation, and be APA formatted. You are welcome to also include graphics, images, or tables to illustrate your points and increase the persuasive power.

FYI all assignments are submitted to Turnitin.


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