Experimental Biology Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay Lab Report

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Data can be found here: Smurf Pandemic.pdf

Results should include:

  • Table describing the results of the ELISA (4 points)
    • Individual’s name
    • Individual’s test result (+ or -)
  • Figure depicting the spread of the disease (4points)
    • Visually indicate positive tests

Discussion Points (4 points each):

1. State your conclusion. Which individual had the original case of the disease? Use the data to support your conclusion.

2. How did you confirm that the results were true (in other words, how do you know you don’t have false positives or false negatives)?

3. What other methods can we use to confirm the positive tests? Explain how that method works.

*For all discussion points, use the data to support your conclusions. One-sentence answers will not be considered discussions and will not receive full credit.*

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