False Advertising

Discussion #4 (MASTER) – False Advertising?

Go to this website: Link (Links to an external site.) (http://www.mouseprint.org/2016/08/22/lowes-pulls-misleading-tv-ad-after-we-cry-foul/ (Links to an external site.)). Watch the short Lowe’s video commercial. Then scroll down and look at the two Lowe’s print ads, and read what happened with their advertising.


Lowe’s Pulls Misleading TV Ad After We Cry Foul – Mouse Print*

Recently, Lowe’s began advertising what appeared to be a great sale on major appliances — 20% off. Here is the …

Create a post to reply to question 1 and 2. Provide insight and analysis on your responses, and explain your rationale.

1. Did you find the Lowe’s advertisements, both the commercial and print ad, misleading? Why or why not? Explain your thoughts and rationale.

2. You are a senior manager at Lowe’s, and need to manage negative public feedback about these commercials and print ads being misleading. What actions would you take? How would this help with managing customer expectations?


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