dance genre/style/technique

Dance Appreciation Final essay


MLA formate (a minimum of 2500 words) please include citations and a cover page Select and investigate a familiar and unfamiliar dance genre (style/technique) Both dance cultures and/or traditions must be distinct and different from each other. It is important that students in their choice of familiar and unfamiliar cultures and/or traditions do not choose ones that are too close for effective investigation. Hip-hop and break dance, for example, are both from the same dance tradition and/or culture. The focus of this written investigation into the two dance cultures and/or traditions must include: The historical context The current context (present day social and cultural context, including social, religious, political, spiritual and/or intellectual significance) – in relation to the historical context The elements in the dance – the particular use of the body (involving space, time and dynamics) For the historical context and the elements in the dance, the similarities and differences between the two dance cultures and/or traditions For the current context (in relation to the historical context), the similarities and differences within each selected dance culture and/or tradition. The written report must be clearly organized and must include primary and secondary sources. The written report must also refer to: The intention The dance structure/form The choice of subject matter (whether narrative or abstract) The choice of music or accompanying sound, or significant visual elements such as costumes and props (if used)

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