Family Centered Health Promotion

Minimum of 100 words each, with one reference each…

1) What are some good best practices we should have to ensure that we do not offend people in relation to personal space and touch? Do you have any examples of this from your own practices?

2) An excellent tool for creating a plan is to do an assessment of “How Healthy is my own Plate?” Assess either yourself or someone you know using this tool based on what you had today or yesterday. What are the results? What are some recommendations that you would make for yourself or the individual to improve their nutrition? What other interesting things can you find on the Choose My Plate website?

3) What advice do you give someone when choosing a diet? What are the considerations they should have? What are some of the factors that you would recommend people consider when choosing a diet? Is there a particular diet that you would recommend as a good choice? How does a diet factor into a healthy eating lifestyle? Can you support your recommendation with current evidence based research?

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