Foundations of Business Case Project

Week 3: Foundations of Business Analysis –Business Analysis – Business Case

Overview and Rationale

In order to demonstrate proficiency with the content in this course we will complete a number of different assignments to validate your learning – and allow you to implement relevant practices a real-world setting.

Week 3 Learning Objectives

  • Use tools and processes to create current and future state assessments
  • Identify solution options and propose a recommendation
  • Create a business case to justify moving the project forward or not
  • Develop the project charter from the business case to link the project to business strategy

Essential Components

For this assignment:

1.) Considering the work that is done in the Needs Assessment, how does this integrate into/support the business case work? For this project, based on the needs assessment your team is creating, what work is remaining to do to complete the business case?

2.) Part of the business case is to identify benefits. How would you, as the business analyst, use the results of the needs assessment to develop the benefits list?

3.) Identify 2 benefits for this project – what guidelines can be put in place to know if the benefit has been achieved?

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