functions of police management.

The topics in Unit 3 were the police executive and functions of police management.  For your Unit 3 Complete section assignment, write an essay (minimum of 1,200 words. And at least three scholarly sources) in which you address the questions below.  Your essay should also incorporate both the READ and ATTEND sections of Unit 3. And you MUST cite your sources in APA format.

· List the six basic police management functions discussed in this week’s assignment and describe the purpose of each of these functions.

· Identify and explain the two basic roles of the law enforcement executive.

· Read Case Study 4, “Gaining Outside Commitment in Lowell, Massachusetts” and Case Study 5, “Leading Change in Riverside California”.  Keeping the two basic roles in mind, thoroughly explain the internal and external roles displayed by both chiefs.  Be sure to include successes and/or failures in your explanation.

· Identify and explain the four executive styles.  For the chiefs in the two studies, which of the four styles would you use to describe each of them and why.

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