fundamental ideas relating to law and the development of law

In Week 1, our primary focus will be laying a foundation on which you will continue to build throughout the course. You will explore some fundamental ideas relating to law and the development of law, as well as ethics. This broad overview will provide you with the necessary tools to further explore contemporary ethical dilemmas, organizational ethics, employee rights and responsibilities, and patient rights and responsibilities in the coming weeks.

Your Learning Objective for the Week:

  • Apply legal and ethical principles, procedures, and cases to practical management problems frequently found in healthcare settings.

WeekText(s), Chapters and Readings

From your course textbook, Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals, review the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Development of Law
  • Introduction to Law

From the  Online Library, review the following articles:

From the Internet, review the following:

  • American College of Healthcare Executives. (n.d.). About ACHE. Retrieved from
  • (2017). How laws are made and how to research them. Retrieved from

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