Gall Bladder Epithelial Cell Muscular Organ Digestion Process Discussion

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add in text citations and references

answer all 4 questions

Cells and Tissues: Gall bladder epithelial cell

short paper (with figures). Include with your entry a typed paper that answers the following questions with proper citations and references.

  1. How are organelles distributed in this cell?(i.e. are there more peroxisomes, less mitochondria, etc.)Why do you see this?Remember: “form follows function.”
  2. In what type of tissue(s) and organ(s) would you find you find this cell?What is its role there?
  3. Each type of cell in the body only uses a small part of its genome to function.For instance, red blood cells produce a lot of hemoglobin and are therefore “expressing” the alpha-hemoglobin and beta-hemoglobin genes.Are there certain genes that are expressed (turned on) in this cell?How do these genes help the cell’s function?
  4. If this cell starts to divide uncontrollably, what type of cancer could happen? (If you can’t find this exact cell, consider the organ it is in) OR Name and describe a disease that involves this type of cell.

No matter what form your assignment takes you need to use and cite references.Part of your grade will be creativity.


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