Gender and Sexuality Mesoamerica

Gender and Sexuality Mesoamerica

Write a two page paper on : must use references attached an YouTube videos

Considering the readings by Carrasco, Marcos, and the films on Menchú and “The Mission,” answer the following questions in essay format:

1) Explain the non-binary Mesoamerican view on gender and sexuality. (See Marcos)

2) How does the Virgen de Guadalupe and Rigoberta Menchú represent the two major dimensions of religious life in Mesoamerica: walking and transculturation? (See Carrasco)

3) After watching the “Mission,” consider the problems with the male-centric Catholic approach to religious leadership versus the more inclusive Mesoamerican view?

– Use at least three academic sources. You may use outside sources, but make sure to use at least two from the course’s module. Cite them and include examples from your sources.

– Cite correctly and use MLA style.

– Follow essay format: introduction, body, and conclusion.

– Check your grammar and composition with our FIU’s writing center.

For help submitting your assignment to Turnitin, review the how to submit a Turnitin Assignment page.

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