General Information and Pathology of Salmonella Disease Discussion Paper

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Microbiology 221

First report:

Pick a pathogen, preferably bacterial, that you have an interest in. Report on an aspect of it that you find interesting.

The initial portion of the report should include

• General information on the pathogen, or outbreak if you’re reporting on something specific

• Pathology – How does the disease infect, transmit, maintain itself in the population

• Symptomology – What type of illness does it cause, are there symptoms specific to the disease

• Treatment – just like it says

The remainder of the paper should address why you decided on this pathogen, what is interesting about it to you? Be detailed on this section, you don’t have to go overboard, but you should show me that you learned something new in writing this paper.

Remember, the priority here, is that you have taken an interest in this subject and have acquired information


• 3 page minimum

• 12-point font

• Double spaced

• Paragraphs are good

• Spelling does count on this paper, it’s not too much to ask you to run spellcheck

• Citations must be provided; they are to be given in either MLA or APA format

o Note: the paper itself does not have to follow these formats, just the citation process

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