Genetic Screening Phenotype and Genotype Lab Report

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Fill out the document attached and do the lab. make sure to upload photo in docmuemnt. , you will perform genetic screening of chromosomes through karyotyping. You will karyotype two sets of chromosomes to determine if the genotype of the chromosomes results in a genetic disease with a specific phenotype.




Part 1: Karyotyping

  1. Review the idiograms (photograph or drawing of chromosomes) shown in Figure 5.


The image shows the idiograms depicts the human chromosomes 1 through 22 decreasing in size and X and Y on bottom right with X being bigger then Y. Image copyright Alila Soa Mai, 2013. Used under license from
Figure 5.Idiograms of the human chromosomes.


  1. Print a copy of the “Possible Chromosomal Disorder #1” (also shown in Figure 6). Use scissors to cut out each of the chromosomes.

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