Genetic Transformation Using E Coli Bacteria Lab Report

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Assignment #7 Lab Report for Transformation Lab

This lab report is worth 20 points toward your lab grade and will be due the week of Nov. 9th in lab.

Shown below are several documents to help you write your lab report. There is a copy of the grading rubric which you received in lab. This should be attached to the front of your lab report prior to turning it in.

The next document you should look at is the “Thinking Scientifically-How to Write a Lab Report” document. This document provides you with information on how to write a proper lab report. You should read through it and then determine how you might best set up your lab report, given the type of data you have. For example, you may not need to make a graph for your data, but you may well need a table or diagrams. Be sure to think through what type of data presentation best suits your needs when trying to present your data.

The instructions in this document were originally written to be used with an earlier Excel program. If you do find that you are making tables or graphs, in later versions of excel, you may also wish to refer to the additional directions in the files for Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 (depending on your version).

This is an important assignment and you should spend some time completing it. Be sure to use the information given to you in lab, your results pages and review questions from the lab to help you write a good lab report. The questions and results pages are designed to help guide you in your explanation of the results. There is no specific number of pages you should have. I have had students able to do an excellent job in just 2 or 3 pages and I have had students write 10 pages of “nothing”. So, bottom line is, we would like to see what kind of critical thinking skills you have gained this semester by giving you some basic guidelines and tools to do your lab report. The rest is up to you. While writing this report, pretend your audience (your instructor) was not privy to what you did and you need to explain it to them. Remember that just as you needed some background information to tie this together, your audience will as well. Don’t wait until the night before this is due to tackle it… as your grade will most likely reflect your effort.

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