Genocide in Rwanda Presentation

Here are the requirements for your Panel Presentations:

– Formal and Speaking outlines required (you can find outlines for these in the actual Canvas Assignment slot for the Panel Presentations)
– Each student should speak for 5-6min.
– Students should lead a class discussion at the end of their presentation — This means that if you have a 3 person group, your presentation would be 15min PLUS 5 more minutes to lead a discussion.

Panel presentations should follow the 6X6 rule and abide by the following format:
– Historical Context for your particular genocide
– Theoretical Analysis – Pick one of the three main theories you’ve learned about to analyze your specific genocide.
– A breakdown for ALL 10 stages of genocide as they manifest in your specific case. This should include an explanation of the stage and how it manifested in your case using specific examples!
– Conclusions
– Group-led class discussion (5min)
– References

You need to submit your presentation materials (formal and speaking outlines + power point) PRIOR TO your presentation time on your assigned presentation date. Submission AFTER your presentation will incur a 10pt penalty.

You will be graded at both the group and individual level.

You should all already have a group and have their contact information, so get to work!

Let me know if you have any questions.

I will also attached the formal and speaking outlines.

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