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HI255: Medical Coding II

Discussion Topic: Your Future as a Coding Professional

INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to all posts; response to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the discussion, response should make and/or frequent informed references to unit material or scientific literature, follow APA style if resources are used, 75 word minimum in response per post


There are several different coding certifications. I have narrowed them down to 3 to talk about. The three certifications I did research on were RHIA, AAPC, and AMCA. The RHIA stands for Registered health information administrator. RHIA for members is $229 and $299 for nonmembers to take the exam. If you hold one credential recertification the fee is $218.If you hold more than one credential recertification fee is $218, and $50 for each additional certification. To get an RHIA credential you would have to complete an on-campus, online, or a hybrid bachelors’ program in health information management or health information technology that is accredited by the commission on accreditation for health informatics and information management education. Next is AAPC for an online proctored exam it is $299 for a physical proctored exam it is $399. Costs for upkeeping for AAPC is a $180 renewal fee. The amount of continuing education is a maximum of 16 CEUS for the first presentation per core credential, per two-year renewal period. The AAPC recommends having an associate’s degree but it is not required. Lastly, we have the AMCA. The AMCA charge is $109 and the study material is included. To renew for recertification, it is $79 per 5 credits. You would need 10 continuing education credits every two years to keep the AMCA certification current. Qualifications include you must be 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED, and must also meet 1 of the following requirements. Graduating from a training program, pass the exam, and have a minimum 1-year experience directly related to the credential. My plans for certification after graduation is to take a few of these tests and possibly further my education as well as have a job pursuing my career in the medical field.



AHIMA has many options to earn your first credential. For professional coders the credentials they offer include Certified Coding Associate (CCA), Certified Coding Specialist (CCS), Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based (CCS-P). The credential that interests me the most to earn first would be the CCA. The CCA is an entry-level coding certification. This credential shows you have the understanding with all settings, including hospitals and physician practices. The cost for this exam is $299 for non-members, $199 for members. Requirements the students must have before taking this exam are, they must have their high school diploma or equivalent and 6 months of coding experience directly applying codes. The recertification process ensures that certified professionals stay up to date in the constantly evolving medical field. A professional must have a specified number of Continuing Education Units, CEUs during a 2-year certification cycle. Once you have one AHIMA credential you must earn either 20 or 30 CEUs depending on the which credential you already have, before you recertify. You can earn these by the hours you work in HIM domain or participation in continuing education activities. The recertification fee is $218 for holding one credential. If you have more than one already it will be $218 plus $50 for every credential you hold.

AAPC offers professional coders the Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Certified Outpatient Coding (COC), Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC), and Certified Risk Adjustment Coder (CRC). The certificate that interests me the most would be the CPC certification this credential has a high excellence reputation. The price for this exam is $299 online and $399 at a physical location. Proof of education or experience isn’t technically necessary to take this exam, but if you do not have it then you will be designated Certified Professional Coder-Apprentice (CPC-A). AAPC membership is required to be renewed annually and 36 CEUs must be submitted every 2 years for verification and authentication of expertise. You don’t need to recertify for a CPC certificate as long as you enter your CEUs.

AMCA offers two certifications for medical coding and billing, Medical Coder and Biller Certification (MCBC) and Billing Coding Specialist Certification (BCSC) which is $109 for both exams. Luckily, I am already scheduled for my BCSC exam in my last term of college. A Billing Coding Specialist can be known as multiple titles, Reimbursement Specialist, Coding Specialist, or health information technologist.


My plans for certification after graduation is earning my CPC first. It seems the most reasonable for myself as an entry-level. I have been thinking a lot about holding more than one credential in my future. I’ve just changed my careers and have been looking for anything in the medical field, but no luck just yet. Once I have a little more hands on experience I definitely plan to move forward in the field.


HS230: Health Care Administration

Discussion Topic: Course Wrap-up

INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to all posts; response to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the discussion, response should make and/or frequent informed references to unit material or scientific literature, follow APA style if resources are used, 75 word minimum in response per post


Wow week 10 and final week already! Time flies when you are having fun! Health Care Administration was a great class and widened my knowledge on what to expect as healthcare administrator. I learned so much and it really makes me excited to work as one in the future. I really gained a lot of information on how the United States healthcare field is and the policies, laws, rules that come with working in this field. The skills needed for healthcare administration is a lot more than I thought but I think I will definitely enjoy this field! I wish you all the best for the remainder of your degree! Thank you all for a great term.



Hello everyone. Congrats on making it to the final week!


I believe this class has better prepared me for the next steps towards this career path. I feel like I have learned something new every week of this class and it has shown me that I might want to consider changing my studies to Health Administration instead of Medical Office Administration. Also, I feel like the professor kept me interested the entire seminar each and every time. There was always great discussion and I did not feel like it was just being read off the screen. Overall I would say yes this class helped a lot and would definitely loved to learn more.


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