Government Health Care Systems

Government Health Care Systems

Health questions, really easy need them done asap1.What are 6 basic characteristics that differentiate the U.S. health care delivery system from that of other countries?

2.Most Western European countries have national health care programs that provide universal access. How does the National Health Insurance system, such as the one adopted by the country of Canada differ from the National Health system, such as the one structured in Great Britain?

3.List the 4 health determinant categories and provide an example of how the government is improving help in each determinant.

4.Explain how the U.S. has both market & social justice aspects of healthcare.

5.Describe what healthcare providers and institutions were like before the Industrial Revolution.

6.Discuss some of the advancements that changed healthcare and the switch from a “traditions” approach to a scientific approach because of these groundbreaking medical discoveries.

medical care distinctions

7.Describe the differences between an allopathic physician (MD) and a holistic physician (DO).

8.In the U.S. we have an imbalance of specialty care and primary care. What are the major medical care distinctions between these two majors? Explain the negative consequences of specialty maldistribution.

9.Describe the training of and discuss the important role that advance practice nurses and physician’s assistants (Non-Physician Practitioners) play in providing high quality, cost effective medical care.

10. What impact does the growth of technology have on healthcare costs? How has technology impacted access to medical care and why aren’t new treatments, medications, modalities and machines available to everyone?

11. What is HIPPA and what role does it play in protecting patient privacy when it comes to electronic medical records?

12. Discuss some of the examples of new, cutting-edge medical technology and its impact and implications for society, politics and religion.

13. Explain how public and private financing of health care affects the demand for healthcare services and products.

significance of Gatekeeping

14. Explain the significance of Gatekeeping in regards to primary care and keeping healthcare costs down.

15. Discuss the four principles of insurance and the nature and purpose of cost sharing in private health insurance.

16. Discuss Medicare; when and how it was developed (parts A and B) and, how it has changed since its inception, i.e., Part C and D, managed care and the Affordable Care Act

17. What are Diagnostic-Related groups (DRG’s), Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC), Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS), Resource Utilization Groups (RUG), and Home Health Resources Groups (HHRG) and how are “codes” like this utilized to try to control cost?

18.Based on the information in your text, how were the National Health Expenditures were spent and what impact did this have on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

19.Describe the types of Outpatient Care, and discuss why it has grown so quickly the impact this has had on society.

20. Distinguish between primary, secondary, and tertiary care.

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