guidelines for adopting a professional communication style

guidelines for adopting a professional communication style

Chapter 2: Principle 1 – Professionalism.

This chapter’s big idea: Professionalism, which relies on integrity and ethics, promotes trust in the Criminal Justice system and provides the foundation for legitimacy. Techniques for professional communication in school and in the workplace are discussed.

1. Van Slyke (2020) writes, “Professionalism is linked to perceived fairness and legitimacy, trust, confidence, cooperation, and compliance” (p. 27). Explain this quote in your own words. Your response should address how professionalism relates to each of the listed items (perceived fairness and legitimacy, trust, confidence, cooperation, and compliance). I recommend that you give real or hypothetical examples for each concept.

2. Van Slyke (2020) describes three guidelines for adopting a professional communication style (page 28). Describe each of these guidelines in your own words.

3. Van Slyke (2020) describes three different communication styles (passive, assertive, and aggressive). Reflect on your own communication style with your family and at school or the workplace. How would you describe your communication style at home or at school/work? Please give an example for each. After reading this chapter, are there any changes that you would like to make to your communication style?

interactions unprofessional.

4. Think about two recent interactions that you’ve had with a professional, one interaction that was professional and one interaction that was unprofessional. This could have been an interaction with a teacher or staff member at Highline, a Criminal Justice professional, or an employee at a store or restaurant. Describe both of the interactions and explain what made one of the interactions professional and what made one of the interactions unprofessional.

5. Read through the Seattle Police Department’s Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.) and Mission Statement and Priorities.  (Links to an external site.)How do these documents define (or seem to define – you may need to use some inference) professionalism and what do they say about it?

6. Rewrite the short description below to make it more professional. Before doing this, you may want to complete the exercises on page 46-51 of CCJC (Compelling Criminal Justice Communications). Please note that you are free to make-up information to improve this paragraph. For example, the paragraph below describes the suspect as “short.” You are welcome to instead write that the suspect was 5′ 5″. Please feel free to cut entire sentences, if they are not necessary and to reorganize sentences (move them around within the paragraph). Note: the below paragraph may seems absurd (and it is), but I took inspiration from actual or very close to actual mistakes.

Compelling Criminal Justice Communications

A pon my arivel, suspect ran away when i got on the scene. the other officer were around the corner. his sweatshirt (ugly, brown) needed a wash. Why was he running so slowly? Like, maybe he was running as fast as I could jog? he ran past the burger place, where i took my nephew last weekend. I don’t really know what he was thinking because my partners were just around the corner. I was nervous because this was my first week on patrol. the whole area smelled really stank of BURNING tires. It reeked, so much it gave me a headache! Suspect was short and had brown hair.

7. Describe the changes that you made to the above paragraph and why these changes were important. You do not need to go through every change you made. Rather, simply state the general changes that you tried to make. For example, that you eliminated the contractions.

8. Find a job that you are interested in applying to in the next 1-3 years. If you are interested in working for a government agency, Government Jobs (Links to an external site.) is a good place to start. You can also look at Indeed (Links to an external site.). Update your resume and cover letter to apply for this job, following the guidelines in CCJC. If you need additional resources, you can also check out resources from CASE (Career and Student Employment)Links to an external site.. Please attach your resume and cover letter as additional files to this assignment. On your write to learn assignment, please provide a link to the specific job that you are applying to.

Criminal Justice Training Commission’s Executive Director

9. Watch this recording (Links to an external site.) (6 minutes) of Criminal Justice Training Commission’s Executive Director Sue Rahr address Basic Law Enforcement Academy graduates. Sue says, “This is the most difficult environment I have ever seen for law enforcement officers.” Explain what she means by this quote. Pro Tip: watch the video! Don’t just write what you think she might mean before you’ve watched the video.

9B. Sue says, “you can’t pick a side, and you can’t be thin skinned” and “stay above the fray.” What does this quote mean in your own words? How does this quote relate to professionalism?

9C. According to Sue Rahr, what is the appropriate role for law enforcement? Does she believe that law enforcement is being asked to do too much or too little right now?

9D. According to Sue Rahr, what is law enforcement’s “guidepost” or “North star”?

10. Read The Bias of ‘Professionalism’ Standards (Links to an external site.). Summarize this article’s argument in your own words in 1-2 sentences.

10A. What does this article suggest we do to combat biased professionalism standards? How do you think that your chosen field within Criminal Justice (for example, law enforcement, corrections, law etc.) could implement this advice?


professionalism standards

By submitting this assignment, you are certifying that all of the work for this assignment is yours and yours alone.

If you copy words directly from a source, even your textbook, remember to put “quotation marks” around those words to acknowledge that you borrowed them from someone else.  Cite your source.  Without the quotation marks I can only assume that you were trying to pass the words off as your own. This is plagiarism, you will earn a zero on the assignment, and the offense will be reported to Highline College’s Office of Student Conduct.


CJ Write-to learn assignment with descriptions (1)CJ Write-to learn assignment with descriptions (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescription of criterionInitial effort
Answers do not need to be correct to earn points for this criterion. Answers, however, do need to reflect reading of the textbook.20 ptsExceeds expectationsFully answered all parts of all of the questions by the initial due date using the resources available, including your textbook15 ptsMeets expectationsAnswered most parts of the questions – may be missing some parts of questions or missing all of a few questions – by the initial due date using the resources available, including your textbook

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