he Law of Negligence & Lawful Duty

The questions ask you, essentially, to advise the various people in the facts as to whether they can sue another person for their negligent conduct.

You don’t refer to any negligence case or sections or even the concept of negligence, and you don’t refer to the facts once.

As I’ve gone through in class many times, you need to use the Issue/Law/Application/Conclusion (‘ILAC’) method to solve each issue in each question.

You need to state what an Issue is (such as ‘Can A sue B for negligence?’). Then, you need to state what the Law is (a case or section) that is relevant. Then you need to Apply that law to the facts. You should then repeat that for the second issue (Can C sue D?) again using the ILAC method. Then repeat for the third issue and so on.

Then at the very end, you should do a very brief conclusion of a few lines.

We went through this in class many times.

he Law of Negligence & Lawful Duty

Ask yourself, was a person (A) injured or d they lose money? Then who (B) caused that injury or loss due to a negligent (ie careless) act? Then, can A sue B for their negligent conduct? In answering that question, you need to refer to the specific facts in the question (for eg, ‘B did this’ and this led to A’s injury/loss) to support your argument that B caused A’s injury/loss.

Please do you best to get something in on time tomorrow using this method.

this is my feedback from my teacher. please modify my essay follow the suggestion. please quickly,the due day is tomorrow. And please follow the format of the article I modified.

Please note that this essay cant exceed 1500words references excluded.

All the work must be original

Turnitin report is required

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