Health Care Organization Senior Executive Interview

1. Set the Margins to One Inch


The margins of the paper should be set to 1″ (one inch) all around.

Step-by-Step Directions

1. Go to the Page Layout or Layout tab

2. Click Margins

3. Select the Normal option


2. Set the Spacing to Double


The line spacing for the paper should be set to double (2.0).

Step-by-Step Directions

1. Go to the Home tab

2. In the Paragraph box, click the icon that looks like two up/down arrows with text to the right

3. Pick 2.0

4. Alternate Method: You can also press the Control Key along with the number 2 to quickly double space.



3. Create a Title for Your Paper


Your title should summarize the main topic of your paper. Try not to be too wordy or off-topic. While there is no word limit for titles, “short but sweet” is the goal. The APA Style Blog has further information on titles: Five Steps to a Great Title. Use title case for paper titles.

Example Titles

· Attitudes of College Students Towards Transportation Fees

· Effect of Red Light Cameras on Traffic Fatalities

· Juror Bias in Capital Punishment Cases

4. Add Page Numbers to the Header


Insert the page number in the right area of the header. Use the built-in page numbering system; do not attempt to type each page number manually.

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