Health Information Scenario

Health Information Scenario

1.”Data quality is one of the principles of fair information practice. Identify three ways in which data quality is an ethical consideration. Possible responses include: (a) Poor data quality puts patients at risk of harm because needed data is not available when needed or not” “accurate. (b) Correcting poor data is more costly than designing systems to facilitate its accurate capture in the first place. (c) Poor decisions may be made based on data quality problems that may not be fully understood by decision makers.”

2. How would you make the case for establishing an EHR data integrity unit for a hospital? Possible responses include: (a) Track the incidence of and types of data quality problems identified using the current ad hoc approaches and estimate the true exposure and associated costs. (b) Align political support for creating the team from clinical leaders, legal, and IS. (c) Secure approval to conduct a pilot test of a coordinated error correction system and pilot test it to build support for expanding it to the entire health system.

3.In addition to the EHR, what other critical health system information systems require a high level of data quality and robust data quality management? Possible responses include: (a) The personal health record or patient portal. (b) The health information exchange protocols including initial exchange and the process for correcting previously exchanged information later found to contain an error. (c)  Coded data submitted on claims for healthcare payment. “Write 2-3 pages following the APA style, including a cover page, an introduction, headers (Questions), and a conclusion. Do not exceed the length criteria. Write precisely and concisely using at least three high-quality resources from CDCAHIMA, and other medical journals only.

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