Health Issues of Overweight and Obesity Presentation

Unit 8 Assignment: Recommending a Solution Based on Data

To see the grading rubric, go to Course Resources / Grading Rubrics.

Unit outcomes:

  • Identify relevant descriptive data.
  • Apply epidemiological thinking to a health problem or concern.
  • Analyze trends in clinical data using descriptive statistics.

Course outcomes assessed in this Assignment:

HS311-5: Recommend a solution to a health issue based on descriptive statistics.

GEL-1.3: Demonstrate college-level communication through the oral delivery of original materials in Standard English.


Identify a health issue (within a community, population or industry) that needs to be improved in some significant way. Review scholarly journals and credible websites for descriptive statistics specific to this issue. Using the data you selected, create 3-5 recommendations with a highly developed point of view that support a solution for improvement.


  • Create a 15-20 slide presentation about selected health issue that includes the following sections:
    • Title
    • Description of health issue
    • Data and Analysis
    • Recommendations
    • References
  • Create a narration script in the speaker’s notes section to develop a 15-20 minutes presentation that will be uploaded to the Unit 8 dropbox.
  • Provide a list of references in APA style on the final slide(s).

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